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Institutional Banking Services, N.A. is a relationship-centric based firm, valuing the bonds forged with our clients recognizing that they our the pillar of our success. Our clients generally utilize 5 of our core services on an average which fosters a long-term relationship in contrast to a transactional process. We welcome partnerships on both the sourcing and execution sides of a transaction.

Correspondent Relationships


IBS, N.A. has capital markets relationships with leading institutional investors, commercial banks and insurance companies that have spanned nearly 25 years. If you are a lender interested in offering investment or participation opportunities to IBS, N.A. please reach out to us via the informaiton below.


In order to ensure that our clients receive optimum service we utilize an extensive screening process when partnering with external lenders to ensure the partnership is beneficial for all parties.


Brokers & Independent Financial Consultants

We pride ourselves on successful relationships with our sourcing partners. IBS only works with the brightest and most reputable brokers. We offer extensive training programs for brokers interested in expanding their knowledge base. We also provide a preliminary decision within 24 to 48 hours of receiving a full package. We understand that a relationship can begin or end on the first meeting. Ensuring that you are well equipped to review requests and set realistic expectations for your clients will provide a positive client impact from the onset of the relationship. All intermediary relationships must be screened and approved by Senior Management. If you are ready to partner with an industry professional we look forward to hearing from you.


Please feel free to contact us by phone at (954) 889-5827 ext 804 or send us an email:


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Life is full of surprises. Rely on our Relationship Managers, Attorney's, CPA's, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Agents and Advisors to provide you with sound financial advice that won't leave you scratching your head. We'll explain your options in uncomplicated terms. Learn more.


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