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In this constantly shifting economy, borrowers and institutional investors are increasingly in need of custom-tailored opportunities to help them meet their specific goals and requirements. Institutional Banking Services, N.A. CORP (IBS, N.A.) is committed to providing corporate lending, cash management, human capital resources, insurance and consulting options. Our client base is primarily comprised of business owners of small to medium sized commercial, industrial and hospitality companies as well as experienced real estate investors, health care practitioners and franchises.

IBS, N.A. & Family Companies


Institutional Banking Services, N.A. CORP (IBS, NA) is a privately held corporate banking firm dedicated to providing corporate finance, trade finance, cash management, human capital resources, insurance and consulting options.  IBS, N.A. also serves as a corporate holding company that manages the groups interest over its 14 subsidiaries and affiliates. IBS,N.A. affiliate/subsidiary business model allows the group to comply with affiliated business agreement laws while providing a tangible value to its clients. IBS, N.A. has been vetted by some of the largest companies and agencies in the country and currently operates in some of the most regulated industries.


In addition to numerous internal divisions to company strategically deploys 8 ancillary sectors:


Pillar Capital Advisors, LLC is the division of IBS Investment Bank which provides bank financing, restructuring, financial and business modeling, cash flow management,  creditor negotiation, and mergers and acquisitions advisory services. Primarily focused on capital markets transactions the company serves as a lead arranger for IBS Investment Bank. 


IBS Insurance Associates: the IBS, N.A. subsidiary company and licensed FL Insurance Agency which provides P&C, General Liability, Builder's Risk and other forms of Commercial Lines Insurance

IBS Realty Group is the IBS, N.A. subsidiary company and FL Real Estate Brokerage focused on Commercial and Luxury Real Estate Transactions



Capital Banking Solutions is the IBS, N.A. Affiliate Company focused on providing commercial loan monitoring and reporting services to financial institutions and businesses.



Capital Funding Solutions is the IBS, N.A. Affiliate Company focused on providing asset based lending and accounts receivable financing to small and medium sized businesses.


Credit Management Services (CMS) is the commercial debt management and consumer credit advocacy division of IBS N.A. CMS provides businesses options for liquidating or restructuring debt, while assisting consumers in resolving their financial roadblocks thereby bringing value to our credit driven economy.


IBS Investment Bank is the IBS, N.A. subsidiary and faith-based private investment firm (based in Fort Lauderdale, FL) that specializes in direct investments in small to middle market businesses with annual sales of $5 million to $300 million. In addition to serving as alternative to commercial bank financing for American businesses the firm directly invests in acquisition of commercial and residential real estate throughout the continental United States. IBS Investment Bank serves as a General Partner for a myriad of Institutional Investors through is subsidiary IBS Capital Management, LP.

Expert advice that achieves optimal results - learn more about the practices that set us apart from the competition. IBS, N.A. focuses on providing sound financial advice for businesses and institutional investors. We take an integrated approach that takes into consideration what is most prudent and beneficial for you.

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